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CB CHARGE Fleet Program Application

We now offer cbCharge Fleet Accounts to Simplify Your Business!

cbCharge is the FREE way fleets pay for repairs through an instant credit charge account avoiding interest or late fees that credit cards assess.

Here at ' + cbCharge_shop_name + ', we know that any product or service that streamlines your Fleet Program saves you time and money so we have CbCharge available.  It is a simple and free charge account that consolidates your billing through a secure online portal and provides 30-day payment terms with no interest or late fees.  Your fleets repairs and maintenance are completed here at the shop and you get ONE invoice monthly from cbCharge!

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cbCharge Fleet Financing Apply Now Button
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Just another way that our team at ' + cbCharge_shop_name + ' is working to ensure exceptional customer service and helping you grow your business with cbCharge program!

*Offer is subject to credit approval.  The statement balance is paid monthly.  Offered at participating Fleet Installer Locations.

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